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Paxo was invented in 1901 by John Crampton, a butcher from Eccles in Manchester, who wanted to make Sunday lunches more exciting. It was a slow start, because stuffing is mainly served with poultry, which was a luxury at the time. But as the price of chickens dropped in the 1950s and 60s, Paxo stuffing's popularity really took off.

Today Paxo has a range of stuffings to suit your favourite roast dinner including classic Sage and Onion and Garlic and Thyme.

Traditional Stuffings

Stuffing with a tasty twist.
Traditional Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing mix is the perfect accompaniment to any meat. Perfect for roasts.
And Paxo Garlic & Thyme Stuffing mix is a perfect with roast chicken, too!

Sage & Onion is available in 85g , 170g & 340g packs.
Garlic & Thyme is available in 170g packs.


Paxo also make Sage & Onion Stuffing mix as a Gluten-Free product.

Available in 150g packs.


Paxo breadcrumbs - Available as Natural, or Golden breadcrumbs, perfect for coating chicken, fish, meat or vegetables, and for baking, grilling or frying.

NB: The Ruskoline brand is only available in Scotland.

Paxo Recipes

Stuffing isn't just for chicken... it's a surprisingly versatile product that can add flavour and texture to many meals.

We've put together a selection of recipes and ideas that you can download here...

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